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全球營運管理碩士雙聯學位學程 Dual Master Program for Global Operation Management

清華辦學致力於人才培育,從基礎教育扎根到高等教育的落實。從原子科學領域的立足,到人文、理工及管理領域的均衡發展。配合教育部在人才培育白皮書中提及培養學生未來五大關鍵力:國際力、就業力、公民力、創新力及跨越力中,國際力為首要之務。清華在人才培育及知識研究上亦持續追求創新與卓越,現今更與美國紐約洲立大學石溪分校(The State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brooks University, SBU)攜手合作雙聯學制,引進國際化的師資、教材及上課方式,並結合清華的專業師資及地域優勢,讓學生於畢業時取得雙方學位。

全球營運管理碩士雙聯學位學程 (Dual Master Program for Global Operation Management)的辦學核心在於整合與規劃:整合清華的兩岸優勢及校友豐沛的網絡,佐以SBU在美國及韓國新創及成功的辦學實例後,規劃出涵蓋工程與管理的全方位課程。

紐約州立大學石溪分校工程學院2013年全美US News Report Top 56 名,且為極少數美國前百名大學在中國、韓國累積多年的成功合作經驗,目前清華也是在台灣惟一的合作伙伴。




National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) collaborates with Stony Brook University (SBU) from the US on the Dual Master Program for Global Operation Management in fall of 2016. This program includes teaching materials and instructors from NTHU and SBU. Additionally, this program takes advantage of the region benefits from the convenience of interacting with Hsinchu Science Park. Students who are qualified for graduation will receive a Master’s diploma from NTHU and SBU respectively. As a matter of fact, SBU is ranked in the top 1 percent of the world’s higher education institutions by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Moreover, SBU is ranked in one of the top 100 universities and one of the top 40 public universities by U.S. News & World Report. SBU is also one of the few top universities that obtain successful collaboration experiences in China and Korea. Likewise, NTHU is the only collaboration partner of SBU in Taiwan.

The educational core of this program is focused on integration and global operation. We integrate the advantages of Tsing-Hua Universities from both sides of the straits and the network of widespread alumni. In addition, the successful operation and experiences of other SBU programs in the US and Korea brings confidence on facilitating this program. What is more, we offer inclusive curriculums to cover the learning of engineering and management. This program is the best choice for the students who are interested in pursuing academic excellence in engineering and management.